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Even if you know the potential renter, written rental agreements along with a signed indemnification/hold harmless document for you and OYC is strongly recommended.

Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Company, located at 916 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, 503-294-6008,  has all current legal forms available for purchase at the store or online. Each form has a carbon copy for applicant/renter or you can use your printer copier.

Screening Charge Disclosure and Receipt Form: If you are advertising your rental, have interested parties fill out the Screening Form and pay for the background check which is approximately $50.  This discourages anyone who isn’t seriously interested.  Screening companies are available online.

Rental Application: The next step is the Tenant’s Rental Application.  Review with applicant all information for completeness and understanding.  Give them more time if application is not complete.  Make sure to contact all references.

Rental Agreement: This is their 4 page Rental Agreement.  I recommend a month-to-month Tenancy since you can tender a move-out-notice anytime.

Dwelling Unit Condition Checklist: This list provides the tenant an opportunity to inspect each room and respond with acceptable, deficient, missing or not applicable conditions.  Both landlord and tenant sign.

Pet or Aid Animal Addendum:This agreement allows tenant to have a pet  along with the landlord’s requirements, conditions and fees.  Even if you advertise no pets, applicants are allowed service pets. Determine before applicant fills out the Application Form so they can provide proof of such along with a health report from veterinarian.

Landlord’s Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint: Necessary if built before 1975.

Smoking Policy Disclosure: You can advertise your rental as Non Smoking.

OYC Rental and Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement

Renter Indemnification Agreement

Here is a list of other Stevens-Ness forms one might useful:

*Parking Addendum   *Temporary Occupancy Agreement

*Notice to Terminate   *Three Day Notice to Pay   *Notice of Rent Increase

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