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If you live here, lucky for you. If not, we're very sorry. Regardless of whether you're fortunate enough to live at OYC or in another floating home community, these are many of the contractors and resources we've found helpful over the years. Enjoy.
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New Member Application Form

2021 Membership Application Form


Oregon Yacht Club's Restated Bylaws, Article IX, establishes the process whereby a shareholder with seniority (Bumper) can bump and occupy the moorage space of a new shareholder (Bumpee), thus requiring the bumpee to allow the relocation of his/her houseboat to either the bumper's space or another open moorage space.

The Bump Guide provides needed information to assist shareholders with the procedures necessary to follow in relocating their houseboat (as a bumper or bumpee).

Doing some Construction?

If you've got any construction or remodeling plans, here's a quick checklist
Download and read the Bylaws section on construction. Very important!
Download and read this "Construction Procedures for Improvement" document to see what's expected of you.
Download and read this handy list from the Construction Review Committee about things of which you should be aware when considering any construction at OYC.
Complete the form (please). 


Safety is always paramount, and this includes knowing how to respond to a fire drill, how to be best prepared for an emergency, and your responsibilities as a resident at OYC.

We start with the "New Resident" guide - a must-have for all newcomers. Once you're here, you'll want to read about using the portable fire pump and what you can do if there is a fire or other emergency. 
New resident guideUsing the Portable Fire PumpBe Prepared GuideFire Fighting GuideFire Fighting Quick Reference GuideSuggested Emergency Kit (what to have ready)
For more information see: www.redcross.org

Fire and Safety Videos

Be sure to come back here on a regular basis to refresh your memory about what to do if there is a FIRE!

Using the RED BOX - What to do if there is a FIRE

You've seen the red boxes in each small neighborhood, right? Kelly walks you through the steps someone in your hood needs to take. It's all right there in the "Red Box."

How to Use the Main Fire Pump

Ever wondered how to fire up and use the main gas-powered fire pump? Watch this video and learn... then be prepared for an emergency!

How to Use Goliath - The Portable Fire Pump

If you've been in the maintenance shed, you've seen the big red machine. That's Goliath - our portable fire pump that can toss you in the drink if you're not careful. See how to safely use it in this video.

How to Open the Gate to the Fire Hydrant

Yes, Virginia, there IS a fire hydrant. You probably haven't seen it and don't know where it is... but you should. This video will show you where it is and how to open the gate for emergency vehicles.

How to Lock the MAIN GATE in the OPEN position

If there's an emergency, you don't want the fire truck to be hanging outside OYC waiting for someone to open the gate. Head on up there and lock it in the OPEN position. Here's how.
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