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Bumping, Nature, and More


Oregon Yacht Club's Restated Bylaws, Article IX, establishes the process whereby a shareholder with seniority (Bumper) can bump and occupy the moorage space of a new shareholder (Bumpee), thus requiring the bumpee to allow the relocation of his/her houseboat to either the bumper's space or another open moorage space.

The Bump Guide provides needed information to assist shareholders with the procedures necessary to follow in relocating their houseboat (as a bumper or bumpee).


We at OYC live in an extraordinarily unique, but isolated, environment. Unlike other communities we are surrounded by nature and somewhat isolated from the encroachment and the immediate services of the outside world. The Willamette River, Oaks Bottom & Wildlife Refuge and Oaks Amusement Park surround our floating home environment. And while these facts are, in part, what makes living at the OYC so desirable and unique, the facts also present certain challenges not faced by other less isolated, land-based, planned communities.

Thus we are called upon to design our own community-based fire and emergency response plans to handle emergencies until the conventional municipal emergency services can arrive to assist us.

The following links will access emergency plans. Please familiarize yourself with the action items of the various plans. A printed copy of the Fire Emergency Quick Reference should be kept in a readily accessible spot in your home.


We never know when disaster will strike, and every household should have an emergency kit. The attached list includes the MINIMUM supplies recommended. These supplies can be purchased as a kit or assembled on your own. It is suggested you should store them where they are easily accessible for you to grab if you need to evacuate. Packing smaller items in a 5- gallon bucket with a lid is also a good idea. 
For more information see: www.redcross.orgOYC EMERGENCY KIT
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