New OYC Member Page

Please reach out to your neighbors if you have any questions!

New Member Action Item List

As new members/residents of OYC you probably have a lot of questions. We have questions of you as well. The following checklist includes a list of things for you to read along with information we'd like from you. Please take your time. We've listed the "complete the form" items first, followed by information you'll want to download, read, and/or watch.

Contact List Information

We maintain a contact directory for all members, family members, and others living in your slip. We ask that you keep this information up-to-date as we will periodically publish the complete list.

Unless you specify otherwise, everyone you list below be invited to participate in our community WhatsApp group (it's an app for your phone that facilitates community communication)
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Auto and Boat Information

Please use the form to tell us about any cars or other motorized vehicles you'll be parking in the main lot and any boats, trailers, campers, etc. that you'll want to place in the boat yard. There is an annual fee for each item stored in the boat yard. All items in the boat yard must be clearly marked with your slip number. The Board Secretary will provide you with an OYC decal for the windshield of every vehicle you park in the main OYC lot.
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Get a Gate FOB and Gate Entry Code

On this form, you may order one or more gate FOBs at a cost of $35 each, the cost of which will be added to your monthly OYC bill. Each individual may also have their own personal four-digit manual code that can be used to open both the main (drive-through) gate and the walk-through gate. (Note: when you use your 4-digit code at the gate you must precede the number with the pund or hashtag sign, #.)
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If Planning Construction or Remodeling

Before starting construction, be sure to read the ByLaws and Rules documents (below). OYC has a Construction Review Committee (CRC) who can help you understand the guidelines and who will need to sign off on any new construction before it begins. Even if you are not changing the footprint of your home, it is important to have the CRC look at your plans as they are adept at understanding the nuances of the needs of a floating home – sometimes more than architects.
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Download and Read OYC Bylaws

We generally change something in the Bylaws every year, so it's a good idea to stay up-to-date. Below is a link to the latest.
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Download and Read OYC Moorage Rules

Please read!
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Watch the Fire Safety Videos

Fire safety is something about which EVERY person who lives here should be very familiar. Our safety committee created a very useful guide and a series of videos that walks you through every aspect of fire safety, including how to operate our portable pump. Please take time to watch the videos and familiarize yourself with fire safety as well as attend the next fire drill when it is called.
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Other Things You Should Know

  • Each year in the fall (around November), you will receive the "Multnomah County Declaration of Floating Structure Personal Property." This simple form is due January 1st of each year. Watch for it, and if you don't see it by early December, contact the county.
  • Shareholders are required to include OYC as "Additional Insured" on our homeowner's policy. Your agent should know this, but be sure to double-check. The Board Secretary will ask for a copy of your declaration page to ensure OYC is listed.

Contact List Directory

Add/Change Additional People


Auto, Cars, Boats, Trailers

Please list all vehicles you'll park in the main lot and any trailers, boats, RV's, etc. that you'll place in the boat yard.

Vehicles Parked in Main Lot

Add all vehicles parked in the main lot

Boat Yard Trailers

Please list all trailers (boats, wave runners, storage, RV) that you'll keep in the boat yard.

Gate Entry (FOB & code)

Please do NOT give your 4-digit code to contractors, as all our main contractors have their own codes and new codes can be assigned to new contractors. There is a general contractor code that's listed in the directory. Contact the OYC secretary if you don't have a copy of the current directory.

Planning Construction?

Please complete the form below if you are planning any major construction - to your home, your floats, your tenders, etc. 
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