The removal of invasive plants and the revegetation of our uplands with native trees, shrubs, and ground covers has been a tremendous success. Our uplands are now revitalized, with immeasurable benefit not only to OYC members but also to the fish and wildlife that depend on the Willamette. As we are virtually surrounded by public green spaces (Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Ross Island Wildlife Area, The Springwater Corridor Trail, etc.), we can be proud of our value to this whole natural area complex, which is some of the highest quality Willamette river floodplain habitat left in the City of Portland.


The Oregon Yacht Club, an historic floating home moorage in Portland established in 1898, is certified as an Oregon Clean Marina [OCM]. This is a voluntary state program with a goal to help protect and improve local water quality by promoting the usage of environmentally responsible practices at marinas (including floating home moorages). Certified as an OCM means that the Oregon Yacht Club receives state recognition for its dedication in implementing practices at its site that support a cleaner marine environment for Oregon..


One aim of the OYC Stewardship/Uplands Committee is to learn more about sustainable products, safe alternatives and best practices that are eco-friendly and to provide such information to residents on the moorage for suggested use on their decks and in their gardens and homes. Use of such products and practices can eliminate or significantly reduce air, water, and land pollution, with the goal of inflicting minimal or no harm on the environment. Try out those that appeal to you and, in the process, help you and our community “go green”.


Native plant restoration and maintenance has directly led to the increase in bird numbers and species seen in our front "yard" —Holgate Channel — or in our back "yard" — the inner channel and uplands, and also in the adjacent properties of the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Area and the Ross Island preserve.
The Oregon Yacht Club
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