Clean MarinaThe Oregon Yacht Club, an historic floating home moorage in Portland established in 1898, is certified as an Oregon Clean Marina [OCM] in 2009.


Oregon’s Clean Marina (OCM) Certification Program is sponsored by the Oregon State Marine Board.  It is a voluntary state program with a goal to help protect and improve local water quality by promoting the usage of environmentally responsible practices at marinas (including floating home moorages).  Certified as an OCM means that the Oregon Yacht Club receives state recognition for its dedication in implementing practices at its site that support a cleaner marine environment for Oregon.

Certification is re-evaluated each year with a full recertification process every 3 years; recertification occurred in 2012 and again in 2015 with congratulations on a job well done, going well over the minimum requirements, and with commendations on our efforts. OYC’s committee chair was asked to mentor other marinas who might need assistance in their certification processes.

 Benefits of Certification

1. Increased awareness from the boating community and tourists.

2. Increased media coverage (Waterfront Living, August 2009).

3. Greater pride in moorage by residents.

4. Increased understanding and appreciation of OYC’s quality by City of Portland, State and Federal agencies.

Additional Benefits/Improvements OYC Would Like to See Offered

1. Increased media coverage by Oregon State Marine Board using data from survey.

2. Increased benefits (tangible) for becoming and continuing to be a certified Clean Marina.

3. Expanding the certification content to specifically address floating home moorages.

4. Sharing of both successes and challenges by moorages participating in the Program.

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